Gym all shook up by closure

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Fuming fitness fanatics are angry after council officers turned up unannounced at their gym to close it over complaints of noise and vibrations.

Rylos Fitness Studio has built up more than 200 members since it opened in a former factory in The Avenue, Rothwell, just six months ago.

But on Wednesday night classes were brought to an abrupt stop when officers from Kettering Council issued a temporary stop notice at 5pm.

ouncil officers said the action was taken because noises from classes and vibrations from a machine were disturbing residents.

The council added no approval had been given for the building’s change of use.

But business owner Samantha Burton claims to have done everything possible to minimise noise and vibrations which come from a £4,500 machine which shakes the user as they do exercises.

She said: “I’ve had meetings with the council and tried everything – so to get the notice from the council left me stunned and angry.”

User Trevor Goodwin, 58, of Cecil Street, said: “I’m devastated, this gym has helped me so much.”

Ilinka Ravenscroft, 42, of Colombus Crescent, said: “I’ve lost two-and-a-half stone since joining here, it’s a god-send – I’m gutted.”

The gym has received support from Rothwell Town Council.

Chairman Karl Sumpter said: “The officers say they need planning application, but this place used to be a factory with dozens of sewing machines on the go.”

Borough council senior development officer Dean Baker said: “Occasionally we come across something which is unacceptable in its surrounding, it’s sad for those who go to the gym, but perhaps if they lived next door they would understand why we took this action.”