Gun amnesty deadline is extended after more than 160 weapons handed in

Gun amnesty
Gun amnesty

After dozens of weapons were handed in during Northamptonshire Police’s two-week guns amnesty, the force has decided to extend the deadline so more weapons can be turned in.

More than 160 weapons have so far been recovered by officers, including revolvers, shotguns and a machine gun.

To give people with unlawfully held weapons - or legally held items they no longer want - more time to hand them over, the amnesty has now been extended to Sunday, October 5.

Insp Sarah Johnson, who is leading the amnesty, said: “We’ve been very pleased with the public response, so we’ve decided to give people another week to hand in any weapons they have.

“The range of weapons we’ve received has been very varied and we’re delighted they’re now off Northamptonshire’s streets and the risk of them potentially falling into the wrong hands has been eradicated.”

Among items handed over to the force have been working guns which would have been deadly if they had fallen into the wrong hands.

As well as revolvers, shotguns and rifles, other weapons have included knives, a samurai sword, imitation firearms and a bolt gun.

So far, most of the weapons have not been licensed, but it is not believed any of them have been used in criminal activity.

To take part in the amnesty, people must phone 101 to request an appointment to hand over a weapon.

Pictured is a German handgun from the Second World War, which was handed over in working condition in the last few days.