Guitar man Tom is internet sensation

GUITAR maker Tom Bingham has become an media sensation thanks to his weird and wacky designs.

Everyone, including the Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, seems to be talking about his creations.

Mr Bingham, 64, of Borrowdale Road, Corby, has been making guitars for 10 years and his collection includes one based on a Captain Sensible LP cover from 1982, a version on the Large Hadron Collider and the Busker CBG model, which comes with a built in amplifier, a zippo lighter, a pick holder, a bottle opener, vanity mirror, penny whistle and a 12in cigar.

His Star Wars guitars, including one in the style of a Millennium Falcon, have caught the attention of the media at home and overseas.

As well as being featured in several national newspapers in Britain, he has been in the Vancouver Sun and the press in India and Spain.

The retired printer said: “Wednesday began as a pretty average day, then my wife screamed ‘you’re in The Sun’.

“I went on online and there I was in Metro and in the Daily Mail.

“My guitars were appearing in newspapers in India, Spain and all over the net.

“My phone never stopped all day asking for permission to use my images on Facebook and Youtube.

“A guy running a Star Wars convention next month in Ireland wants to show my guitars and Chris Evans was talking about me on his breakfast show. I think its called going viral but it was great fun and a nice experience.”

Mr Bingham is currently showing some of his guitars at the Open Corby 2012 art exhibition at the old library above Queens Square.