Gt Doddington church bells to ring out on special dates

Alice Holmes, John Holmes, Karen Dean and Geoffrey Dean
Alice Holmes, John Holmes, Karen Dean and Geoffrey Dean

Bell ringers at a village church are making an “ap-peal” for people to get in touch with them if they want to mark a special occasion.

The group is offering to play the bells at St Nicholas Church in Great Doddington for any occasion, be it a special birthday, anniversary, or personal milestone, in exchange for donations to the Flush Fund.

The fund is raising money for new toilet facilities at the church, in Church Lane.

Tower captain John Holmes said: “We needed to raise money for new toilet facilities, but decided we would do the fundraising in a slightly different way.

“People always enjoy the sounds of the bells and it could be a nice way to mark a milestone with something slightly unusual.

“It could be nice to mark someone’s birthday, or anniversary, but we will consider any suggestions people put forward, it’s just something a bit different.”

Parts of the church date back to 1100 and the first part of the building to be built was the lower section of the bell tower.

Mr Holmes said that any donation would be accepted but the bellringers are suggesting a donation of £25.

For more information, or to ask for the bells to be played to mark your milestone, call Mr Holmes on 01933 405169.