Group of over 50s getting to grip with owls

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An over 50s group welcomed some unusual visitors when a number of owls went along to one of their meetings.

The Over 50s Friendship group which meets at the Victoria Centre in Wellingborough welcomed speaker Tony Hewitt and his owls to its meeting on Wednesday last week.

Diane Whitney, a committee member of the Over 50s Friendship group, said members had enjoyed getting the chance to hold all of the different sized owls at the meeting.

She said: “There were about eight different varieties of owls, from the large European owls to the little barn owls. Tony Hewitt gave a talk about it and let us handle the owls if we wanted to.

“He has an owl rescue place in his back garden. A lot of the members were absolutely delighted to hold the owls and stroke them.”

The Over 50s Friendship group meets at the Victoria Centre, Palk Road, on Wednesdays during term-time.

The meetings run from 2pm to 3.30pm and the group would welcome any new members.