Gritters are out again...but watch your step

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Police were called more than 200 times about snowballs being thrown over the weekend after heavy snowfall across the county.

Northamptonshire Police said they were called about 63 incidents of snowballs being thrown on Saturday and about 158 snowball incidents on Sunday.

A spokesman said: “We would advise people to only ring us in relation to snowballing if it seems the incident can only be dealt with by the police. These include incidents that are examples of serious anti-social behaviour, those that involve vulnerable people or pose serious danger to traffic.”

Police said there had been no reports of any major problems or major incidents on the county’s roads yesterday.

Gritters were out on secondary routes across the county from 9am and footways in town centres were re-gritted.

Oundle Primary School and Prince William School in Oundle were both closed yesterday after a water main burst at the major mains in Glapthorn. An Anglian Water spokesman said the water main burst at 11am on Sunday but was repaired by 6am yesterday.

Weather experts at Pitsford Hall Weather Station have warned more snow showers could reach the county today, though any snowfall was likely to melt quickly.

A spokesman said: “Accumulations will be slight, melting away fairly quickly with temperatures climbing to around 3C. Overnight temperatures though are expected to fall away sharply as skies clear towards a low of -4C. Ice will become a widespread hazard.”

A spokesman for the Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance said the service had had a busy weekend coping with snow and ice-related incidents but said there had been no call-outs to Northamptonshire. Yesterday its helicopter was grounded because of heavy fog at its base at Coventry airport.

The air ambulance’s rapid response vehicle was out responding to incidents but was not called to Northamptonshire.

A spokesman for Kettering General Hospital said medics had dealt with a number of children and adults on Sunday who had minor injuries as a result of accidents in the snow, particularly sledging.

But by yesterday afternoon the hospital had only dealt with a couple of injuries related to slips on the snow and ice.