Grieving mum wants answers

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A mother says she has been left with more unanswered questions after an inquest found her 21-year-old son died after taking a cocktail of drugs and alcohol.

James Carpenter was found face-down on his friend Matthew Barnard’s bed after a night in at his house in Bryant Road in Barton Seagrave on February 4.

Pathologists said his death was caused by a mixture of drugs which included heroin substitutes diazepam and buprenorphine.

However, at an inquest in Kettering on Thursday Mr Barnard said he was unaware James had taken any drugs on the night.

James’ mother Lorraine Hart accused the friend of spiking his drink with the drugs.

In a statement, she said: “My personal belief was his drink was spiked and it would make sense to me that anyone he was with put it in his drink.

“Matt was a joker and would often play games.”

The court hearing heard how James had been handing out copies of his CV to businesses on the day before he died.

He got back to his mother’s house in St Botolph’s Road in the evening before heading back out to see Mr Barnard.

In giving evidence, Mr Barnard said the pair then went to a friend’s where they had four to five cans of cider each.

At 11pm they walked back to Mr Barnard’s house and went straight to bed.

In the morning James was found unconscious on Mr Barnard’s bed and an ambulance was called.

Speaking at the hearing, Ms Hart said James was easily led and did hang around with ‘the wrong crowd’.

She said she knew James had taken £10 out of a cash machine on the night he died and questioned Mr Barnard over where it went. But Mr Barnard replied that the money was used to buy the cider from Tesco.

Coronor Anne Pember said she could not rule if James’ drink was spiked and said his death was accidental.

She said: “I am satisfied there was no intent by James to end his life.”

James was born in Burton Latimer and went to St Mary’s School before going to Northgate School in Northampton. He left school at 15.

He next worked at McDonald’s before working as a welder for Bell Trailers in Burton Latimer.

After the hearing, Ms Hart said: “I’ve been left with more questions unanswered than answered.

“I think the truth is only one person knows what really went on that night – not us.”