Green Party names its Kettering candidate

Robert Reeves, the Green Party's Kettering candidate
Robert Reeves, the Green Party's Kettering candidate

The Green Party have named their Parliamentary candidate for the forthcoming General Election.

Robert Reeves in the party’s first ever candidate in the Kettering area.

Robert says he has lived in Kettering nearly all his life and runs his own business as a self-employed private tutor.

He added: “I am strongly committed to tackling the inequality which has got worse under the coalition Government.

“I feel that local people need to be listened to more and the career politicians currently in place aren’t doing this.”

Tony Clarke, the party’s prospective candidate for Northampton North, said, “With Rob joining the five already selected and it means that we’re a step closer to everyone in Northamptonshire having a chance to vote green this year.

“With elections looking like a five way split it is important that every voter gets to make a mark against the candidate they really want.

“Things are really hotting up in Northamptonshire as party membership has risen four fold in the last year and is still rising. People are joining who have never been involved in politics before as well as others who are coming from the mainstream parties.

“They’ve all had enough of the same old politics of red, yellow and blue, not listening and not caring.

“The Green Party is now selecting more local council candidates and hopes to have more candidates in the council elections too.”