Green Party leader comes to Corby and calls for local investment

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Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party, and Jonathan Hornett, Green Party candidate for the Corby by-election, have called for manufacturing to return to the region - as they canvassed the streets of Corby today, Sunday.

The duo spoke to residents outside the train station before heading to Corporation Street, in Corby town centre.

Mrs Bennett said that today was necessary in letting people know that they do have an alternative vote in the upcoming election.

She added: “ I think this is really crucial for us to grow in this region and put down a marker and show that we are here and we are visible.

“Where we have been successful we have made sure that there is a strong community sense, supported local business and this is what we want to do.

“The Conservatives are constantly putting down cuts, Labour have said that they would not cut as much but we would look to invest.”

Mrs Bennett added that the Green Party would encourage investment in local businesses, housing, public transport and renewable energy.

Mr Hornett said bringing back manufacturing to the region would be a big step.

He said: “ Northamptonshire always used to be well known for shoemaking. However, I can go out and buy a pair of trainers in Corby but they will be made in China.

“ But Corby is open for business and there is no reason why we shouldn’t encourage business in the area.”

Mr Hornett also said that the threats to Kettering General Hospital are very real and he could not believe that Corby residents could potentially have to travel out of the county for specialist treatment.

He added: “ Even if people have to travel to Northampton then them extra few minutes could be the difference.”

It is the first time that the party has contested for the seat and Mrs Bennett conceded that they probably will not be victorious.

However, she said that, “miracles do happen,” and believes that this election is about putting the Green Party firmly on the map in the area and letting people know that they are they are the only “realistic” opposition, as she believes the three main parties are now so similar.

It was revealed last week that the by-election will take place on November 15 and it will be the first time the Conservative government have had to defend one of their seats, with 13 candidates battling it out at the polls.