Green Party chooses candidate for Barton Seagrave by-election

Rob Reeves.
Rob Reeves.

The Northamptonshire Green Party has announced 2015 Parliamentary candidate Rob Reeves as its candidate for the upcoming Kettering Council by-election for the Barton ward.

Mr Reeves will be one of four candidates standing in the by-election, along with those from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and UKIP, with Labour not standing.

Mr Reeves said: “Residents and councillors alike are becoming more and more frustrated with the current Tory-led council as their voices are just not being heard.

“The Green Party only established themselves as a group in Kettering in 2015 and now is the time for new, fresh ideas on the council.

“Every other major party has had a representative on the council, each with limited effect.

“I believe that, at this moment in time, many residents’ issues are Green Party issues.

“A Green Party voice on the council would stand up for the issues that concern residents most.

“A Green Party councillor would listen to local people over developers.”

Mr Reeves finished ahead of the Liberal Democrats in 2015 and says he hopes to build on that this time around

He said: “We are now looking at building on that start both at this election and at the upcoming Northants County Council elections.

“With Labour not fielding a candidate this time around, I hope that the Green Party will be the natural choice for Labour supporters.”

Mr Reeves will be up against Robert Clements (UKIP), Andrew Dutton (Lib Dem) and Dianne Miles-Zanger (Conservative).

The by-election takes place next Thursday (February 23).