Great Oakley brownies are really great

1st Great Oakley Brownies
1st Great Oakley Brownies

A brownie group from Great Oakley won the Cor-Lympix event held at East Carlton Park in honour of the Olympics.

The 1st Great Oakley Brownies took on a series of challenges, including making a banner, parading it around and making a ball which the girls had to use in a football competition which involved dribbling the ball around cones and trying to score a goal.

Others activities they completed included mask making, where they cut out mask shapes, glued feathers and sparkly gems then punched holes in them and attached elastic to complete the mask.

A variety of other games were held as part of a mini Olympics, including boules, skittles, garden darts and Frisbee throwing.

Their final activity was to do some Zumba dancing with a Zumba instructor which the girls really enjoyed.

Brown Owl Lisa Mills said: “We really did not expect to win the trophy and were all really surprised to hear 1st Great Oakley’s name being called out, in fact I was speechless which never happens.

“I and Wise Owl Margaret Woolley, Snowy Owl Helen Brown and Tawny Owl Elanie Sutton were so proud of our Brownies for winning this trophy.

“We’d like to say well done to the girls - as I always say we’re not just 1st Great Oakley because we are in Great Oakley but because we are great and this trophy just proves it.”

Seven division brownie units took part in the event.