Grants of up to £5,000 available to Kettering organisations

Kettering Council is offering grants of up to �5,000
Kettering Council is offering grants of up to �5,000

Grants of between £50 and £5,000 are available to community groups and individuals in the Kettering borough to help carry out activities which enhance people’s quality of life.

Kettering Council is inviting applications from two main capital grant schemes.

The Capital Community Hall Grant ranges from £500 to £5,000. This funding is open to projects that help to sustain Community Halls that benefit local people and the local community.

Projects must be based in the community and must either make improvements to the environment or to people’s health and safety.

In addition, applications are invited throughout the year for other smaller grant schemes.

These are grants of between £50 and £500 which are available to young people aged 19 or under in the Kettering borough.

They must either protect or enhance the environment, reduce the effects of poverty or support the development of the voluntary and community sector.

Kettering Youth Council also offers grants of up to £800.

The grant is open to groups who wish to develop new community projects for young people aged between 13 and 19.

The application must either achieve economic well being or make a positive contribution to the community.

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Alternatively, contact the council’s Grants Officer on 01536 534 374 or e-mail