Grafton Underwood charity gets cabin fever

The equATA cabins, which are helping people with autism and ADHD
The equATA cabins, which are helping people with autism and ADHD

A charity based near Grafton Underwood which helps people with autism and ADHD has opened several new ‘Arctic’ style cabins which can be used for special occasions.

equATA is a not-for-profit organisation set in woodland near the village which uses horses and the natural environment to help people with autism and their families.

The charity is run by Ellie Hawkins alongside her mum Jo.

Ellie saw the Arctic Cabins at an East of England show in 2012 and designed a concept for four interconnected cabins alongside Derbyshire-based Arctic Cabins and Camping Cabins.

Jo said: “The amount of people being born or diagnosed on the autism spectrum has risen rapidly over the past 10 years, making the contribution that equATA makes vital.

“The cabins have transformed equATA without them we wouldn’t be able to carry on indefinitely.

“Prior to having the cabins we had to close for 3 months in the winter, which meant we didn’t get any income and we couldn’t support any families who so needed our services.”

Jo said the cabins are being used every single day and also for special occasions.

She added: “They have been used for parties and get-togethers, open days and children’s birthday parties.

“Everyone loves them, the children call them ‘Pixie Houses’ they are so relaxing, the natural materials, the smell of the wood is wonderful.

“They really add value to what we offer and the families love them.

“We have helped 950 families in the six years we have been open and in 2014 we helped more families than ever before, we are averaging 20 families per week since the cabins have been installed!”

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