Good samaritan rewarded for her kindness

Margaret Napier and Wendy Eades
Margaret Napier and Wendy Eades

Good samaritan Wendy Eades, who came to the rescue of a stranger when she collapsed in Corby town centre, has been rewarded for her kindness and community spirit.

Wendy, 37, of Stalbridge Walk, Corby, not only went off to get a pillow and blanket to make Margaret Napier, 75, more comfortable as she waited for paramedics to arrive, but went with her in an ambulance to Kettering General Hospital, stayed with her while she was treated and went home with her in a taxi.

After hearing of Wendy’s actions, town centre owners Helical Bar and managing agents Ashdown Phillips decided she deserved recognition.

They offered to pay for a meal at one of the town centre’s restaurants, or present her with £25 in vouchers to spend at one of the stores.

Assistant centre manager Darren Pickering said: “We are delighted to reward Wendy for showing community spirit and being a good citizen.

“Kindness like that deserves to be recognised. It’s not everyone who would have acted in the way Wendy did.

“The town centre is at the heart of the community and we are involved in the community and like to support it.

“We hope that Wendy’s example will encourage everyone to look after each other.”

Wendy, a dinner lady who works with disabled children at Beanfield Primary School, has chosen to use her voucher on a silk flower arrangement which she can keep.

She said: “I’m pleased that what I did on the day has been recognised but I’ve been taken aback by it all.

“I think a floral arrangement would be lovely and I’m going to ask Margaret to write a card to go with it.

“It’s something I’ll always be able to keep.”

Margaret, of Ravenscourt, Corby, collapsed near the bus stops in front of the Cube, suffering a cut above her eye and bruising on her shoulder and hip.

She has now recovered and has met up with Wendy several times for coffee.

After the incident she said: “Off the number one bus came my guardian angel Wendy, who stayed with me all the time. She came with me in the ambulance to Kettering Hospital accident and emergency unit and stayed with me all the while. She then came home with me in a taxi, saw that I was reasonably settled then left her phone number saying that I should call her any time. Aren’t people grand.”

Wendy said: “I was brought up by my mum, who passed away six years ago from cancer, to respect people and to help them if needed. I am so glad I was able to help her that day and knowing that I did good for my town makes me proud.”