Good results from anti drink drive campaign

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Motorists are being encouraged to drink safely but not drive, after figures in the second week of the county wide drink drive campaign showed a significant decrease in drivers stopped and arrested for drink driving.

As part of a national campaign, officers across the county have been carrying out roadside checks to ensure drivers are not over the drink drive limit.

The figures for the second week of the campaign, between June 6 to June 12 show 11 people were arrested for drink driving.

Two of the 11 people were arrested between 7am and midday - they were caught the morning after they had been drinking.

Of the total arrested, none were between the ages of 17 to 24.

In total nine people have been charged.

In comparison, the figures for June 6 2011 to June 12 2011 show 22 people were arrested for drink driving, four of the 22 arrested were between 7am and midday, of the total arrested, seven were between 17 to 24 and in total 18 people were charged with six of them being between 17 to 24.

One of the operations conducted included testing 180 drivers across the A45 near Daventry and the A43 Holcott. No one was arrested during this operation.

Chief Inspector Dave Lawson, from Specialist Operations, said: “The figures are promising and show half the number of arrests for this period compared with last year. This is good news and we want to continue ensuring that people are not drinking and driving.

“We will continue to reinforce the dangers of drink driving in terms of the driver but also passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

“We have charged nine people who tested over the drink drive limit. The consequences are serious. Our message is simple – do not drink and drive.

“Officers will be continuing to carry out high profile roadside checks throughout the county as well as targeted and intelligence-led operations. These checks will be taking place at all times of the day and night.”

Anyone who suspects a driver in Northamptonshire of taking to the wheel under the influence of drink or drugs is urged to call the Drivewatch Hotline, a 24-hour telephone service, on 0800 174 615.