Good neighbour raises money for Corey’s trip

Kian Kelly, 10, Corey Haseley, Mandy Kelly (mum) who raised over �500 for Corey's dream trip to Australia
Kian Kelly, 10, Corey Haseley, Mandy Kelly (mum) who raised over �500 for Corey's dream trip to Australia

Everybody needs good neighbours and one woman proved she was just that by taking part in a charity run to raise cash for a disabled teenager in her street.

Mandy Kelly raised £525 for her neighbour Corey Haseley, 17, who suffers from a rare life-limiting condition and is trying to raise enough money to go on a trip of a lifetime to Australia before he’s no longer well enough to travel.

Corey, of Bibury Close, Wellingborough, suffers from a very rare life-limiting illness which eats away at his nerves, muscles and cells.

Doctors have told him that he has just two to three years left to live, and he is desperate to raise £8,000 so he can visit his dream holiday destination of Perth while he is still well enough to travel.

Mrs Kelly raised the money by doing a six-and-a-half mile sponsored run around Pitsford Reservoir.

She said: “I am delighted to have been able to help. I have known Corey for a long time so I’m keen to support him, and I hope he’ll be able to go on the trip.”

Corey said: “I have a very rare life-limiting condition called optic atrophy plus syndrome mitrochondrial disease OAP1. This is a very complex disease and I am the only one in the world with it. This disease is progressing rapidly. I have been told by my professors that I have two to three years left to live. This disease is eating away at my nerves, muscles and cells. I am now wheelchair-bound and blind with declining hearing.

“It is my life’s dream to visit Perth in Australia and due to my life-limiting condition, I hope my dream will come true as soon as is possible while I am still able to travel, enjoy and appreciate the experience.”

He added: “I am very grateful to Mandy for doing that for me. She did a six-and-a-half mile run around Pitsford Reservoir to raise money for me to go to Perth. It’s really touching to me because Mandy has known me since I was 10-years-old and for her to do that for me is amazing.

“I am still trying to raise money to go on my trip of a lifetime.

“I am desperate now because I want to get out there before it’s too late. My health is deteriorating, but I’m here and I’m making the best of it.”