Going green to be encouraged

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I am a resident of Finedon and live very close to the Burton Wold Wind Farm.

I have been reading about Cllr Bailey and Cllr Swann’s objections to the further development of the site and cannot see how it will affect them. Cllr Bailey says that ‘those who are not in opposition are being very short sighted’. He must have very good sight if he can see the windmills from the bar of The Conservative Club where he and Cllr Swann often reside.

Both councillors live in the High Street where the windmills also can’t be seen.

I appreciate that they are speaking on behalf of the parish but as I can see there are few residents who it will affect as no objections were received in the statutory consultation.

My family watched the windmills as they were built and found it very interesting and educational for the children. They are very relaxing to watch and provide energy for thousands of homes.

Surely we must encourage any company that is trying to create green energy for the sake of the environment and future generations?

If it was a choice between having no electricity or having the wind farm extended I am sure peoples’ views would be very different .

Rebecca Stanford-Durdan