Going away

It’s hard when the one you love is the other side of the world, it hurts like you’ve been stabbed multiple times but just think, they’re having a great time... while you’re stuck at home.

The pain you feel is unbearable and hurts like mad but it’s only for a short while, only till they comeback to you. I miss him.

Then again, when school breaks up for the summer loads of families go on holiday, they go away for the sun and to relax, to have a good time.

What they don’t realize is the secret... the secret to the heart!

There is only one bad thing to going away and that is leaving the one you love behind and speaking to them for one hour per day, maybe not at all some days.

The plane journey is the worst, nine-hour flight and you’re worrying like mad whether they are safe.

You wake up the next morning, been about 20 hours not hearing anything, it hurts.

The thing is, I miss him already and I know the best day of my life will be when he comes back on September 6.

But that’s two weeks of pain and worrying! You don’t know how much you love someone until they are on the other side of the world.

The only thing you can look forward to is them coming back so you can talk for hours and hours and catch up on the past two weeks.

If you have noticed this article has been written about a guy, I am at the time in my life where I have the best guy ever.

This has to be my favourite article yet, it reminds me of him... it reminds me of how lucky people are to get the opportunity to travel and to have people in there life whom love them.

I love him and I miss him... not much more I can say really, is there?