Go green and bag a cheaper compost bin

Households are being encouraged to compost more at home
Households are being encouraged to compost more at home

Compost bins are being offered at a reduced price to encourage households to compost at home.

Northamptonshire Waste Partnership has teamed up with getcomposting.com to offer a reduced rate for compost bins, with prices of £16 for a 220-litre and £19 for a 330-litre bin.

The wet summer has encouraged plant growth and created an abundance of garden prunings, spent bedding plants and grass cuttings, which could all be recycled over the coming months to produce a nutrient-rich free supply of compost.

It’s important to have a good mixture of materials if you want to make a good quality compost.

As well as green garden waste, you can compost fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea bags, pet hair and even shredded paper.

Try to aim for a 50/50 mix of ‘greens’ (vegetable peelings, old flowers, grass cuttings, spent bedding plants) and ‘browns’ (garden prunings, coffee grounds, tissues and paper napkins, cardboard, vacuum cleaner dust).

If you get it right, this autumn’s waste will provide a free supply of nutritious soil conditioner which will enrich your spring planting, producing an abundance of flowers, fruit and vegetables next year.

Home composting is an environmentally-friendly approach to disposing of green garden waste which not only helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions but is also an effective and sustainable method to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

To order your compost bin call 0844 5714444 or visit http://www.northants.getcomposting.com.