Glennis Hooper: Why we should be so grateful

Crazy Hats T-shirts being worn in Likoma
Crazy Hats T-shirts being worn in Likoma

One of my first tasks of the day is to delete dozens of unwanted emails.

But one day last week, as I was quickly pressing the delete button, I came across quite an unusual one with photographs attached and recognised the sender.

Last October, when we were in Corby selling our charity goods, a lady stood at the stall pondering as to whether to purchase some of our T-shirts that we were selling off cheaply.

This lady walked away then came back, telling us she wanted to take some of our shirts to Africa where she was about to do some charity work on Likoma, a remote island in the middle of a large lake in Malawi where conditions were very poor.

Being busy, we briefly listened to her story and she took a quantity of shirts.

It wasn’t until she had gone that I suddenly felt moved about the importance of her work and thought what a wonderful gesture it was on her part.

So I ran after her and gave her a further quantity of shirts as a gift from our charity, saying I would love to hear back from her – hence the email. I was so pleased Maggie had remembered.

Here, in the UK, we are fortunate to have really good medical facilities that we all want to maintain and improve and have to work hard in order to do this.

This welcome email taught me that we should be so grateful for what we have and that we should not be complacent.