Glennis Hooper: Plenty to celebrate on landmark birthday

Glennis Hooper celebrates her 60th birthday
Glennis Hooper celebrates her 60th birthday

Sixty is just a number, so people say.

But when you reach that age the number 60 can take on a different meaning as a new landmark in life is reached.

Yes, I have just celebrated my 60th birthday and have had to endure endless comments on ageing and getting old, all said in good humour, of course, and many of these from friends and family members who have passed the 60 milestone.

Do I feel any different? No. Physically, yes, the body is telling me I am unable to do some of the strenuous tasks once carried out, and I do pay the consequences if I do, but mentally I still feel as I have done for the past 20, 30 years or so, although I somehow feel I am supposed to be a little more mature.

Other people say being 60 is the new 40.

I hope they are right and hope, very much, that the next 20 years, until I reach the 80-year milestone, are filled with new life experiences, good health, happiness and fun.

Doing the work we do at Crazy Hats we meet so many people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer – people who value life with everything they have. Having had breast cancer myself, 13 years down the line I, too, value life and am grateful to be able celebrate being 60 and to have so many wonderful friends and family around me to share the life I have.

There’s a lot of living to do yet and a bucket list of things to do and achieve, so I aim to get on and look ahead, wondering what column number I will be writing for the Telegraph in 20 years or so, this being 214!