Glennis Hooper: Photo booth larks are passport back in time

Having a passport photo taken brought back memories for Glennis
Having a passport photo taken brought back memories for Glennis

Last week, while in the post office, my friend and I, on impulse, decided we would have our photographs taken.

We both needed to renew our passports and change our driving licences; my paper one produced back in the 1970s being almost unrecognisable and extremely worn.

Making sure we looked presentable, I went first and dutifully inserted my £5 to listen to a list of dos and don’ts, trying to ignore distracting comments that were coming from the other side of the curtain!

With the photo about to be taken, a hand suddenly appeared to make me jump and laugh.

Take two, and with more sniggers, I could not keep a straight face.

Needless to say, after three attempts, the final photo was printed with the end result looking awful and certainly not acceptable by the authorities.

Five pounds wasted!

My friend had more discipline than I and hers, of course, was perfect, but it made us smile and reminded us of the times, when we were younger, when we would see how many of us could get into the booth at one time.

Happy days!

This also made me think of the hundreds and thousands of photographs taken in my life time and before.

I have boxes full of them and am loathe, just yet, to get rid of any.

Similarly, I have a huge collection of Crazy Hats photos which all need to be sorted in readiness for our celebrations later in the year when we will have raised over £2 million.

For a small charity, and in just over 13 years, it seems incredible.

Please help us to achieve this milestone by taking part in our 13th Walk at Wicksteed Park on March 22 – please help us to continue to support and enhance breast cancer care services here in Northamptonshire.