Glennis Hooper - Patience is a virtue in short supply

Glennis Hooper
Glennis Hooper

I THINK, in fact it is more than likely, that I could well be turning into a grumpy middle-aged woman, and very quickly too.

The reason behind my thinking is because of the length of time it takes to sort so many things out these days; things that are not that difficult to resolve if only you can get hold of the right person.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to sort my mum’s affairs out which has involved contacting numerous people in many different departments, many of whom do not operate a free 0800 service so there is a lot of expense involved. You ring the number you believe is the right one and listen to a lengthy spiel of how you could use their website as an alternative. You are then given a multitude of options to choose from but after listening to the first few you forget which one you think is appropriate and press a number in the hope it is the right one, only to find you are in a queuing system, hearing the words “Please don’t hang up, your call is important to us; you are number 3 in the queue.” You hang on believing two more calls surely won’t be long and you listen to one, or more, of Mozart’s and other composer’s lengthy overtures.

Eventually you get through and yes, you’ve got it, after telling the person on the other end about your enquiry, you are told you do not have the right department and you wait again as you are transferred.

More music and again you begin to repeat your story, only to be interrupted when the person says, “Can I stop you there? You need to be talking to ‘Mrs Jones’ but she doesn’t work today, can you ring back tomorrow?” After finding out there is no-one else to help, you politely reply, although cursing under your breath, ‘Yes, that’s OK, no problem!’ .

This is just one scenario, but such scenarios are too frequent for my liking. Emails are sometimes just as bad and just as infuriating. You want a quick answer but often get an out of office reply to say the person you want is on annual leave and back in the office tomorrow. It’s always tomorrow; tomorrow, when you have to go through the list of phone calls again.

It is said patience is a virtue. On a brighter note, such patience and persistence, of a different nature, certainly paid off for Ashleigh and her beloved dog, Pudsey, in Britain’s Got Talent.

Very well done to you both; we can all learn a lot from your devotion and dedication.