Glennis Hooper: Memories of an old-fashioned Christmas

A visit to Rockingham Castle made Glennis think of Christmases past
A visit to Rockingham Castle made Glennis think of Christmases past

Back in September when I espied the first of the Christmas decorations and gifts to adorn the aisles of the supermarkets I vowed I didn’t want to think about Christmas so early.

But there is no escaping it now as the clock ticks away to the big day.

Lights are being switched on, fairs are being held and magazines are full of luxurious recipes.

Somehow I seem to have been dragged into the hype.

This is because last week I went along to Rockingham Castle and had a tour round the rooms, all of which were adorned with beautiful decorations making it look very festive and inviting.

Our group was taken back to the year 1881 and we were given a truly inspiring account by the Governess of the house of how Christmas was celebrated.

Memories of my childhood Christmases came back to mind – happy days when we were thrilled to receive an annual, a box of paints, a selection box and if we were lucky, perhaps a main present.

Unlike these days, we never asked for anything, we were simply delighted with what mum and dad were able to buy for us.

And after a good lunch it was lovely to sit with the family to share our presents and play simple traditional games.

Yes, they were happy and contented days.

As I drove away from Rockingham Castle I thought about how life has changed so, so much; how materialistic it has become, thinking how, today, we should take a step back and learn from the past.