Glennis Hooper: Completely blown away

Glennis was blown away by her body flight experience
Glennis was blown away by her body flight experience

It can be said that once in a while you have to do something crazy.

I thought the craziest thing I had ever done was to throw myself out of a perfectly good plane, from a height of 13,500 feet, strapped to a trusting instructor.

It was crazy, but a great experience, as many of those who jumped with us for our charity agreed.

However, with free falling 10,000ft in just 50 seconds and floating down to earth for about two minutes more, it was all over too quickly, so I knew I would love to do it again.

Thanks to the generosity of my sister, I experienced a similar crazy encounter last week when I was treated to an indoor ‘body flight’ where, once kitted up in the gear, you literally throw yourself into a wind tunnel – with winds blowing at 110mph – into the arms of an instructor who does his very best to get you to fly unaided.

My instructor was quite petite compared to my large frame so he certainly had his work cut out.

With the one minute we had and my confidence not 100 per cent as he man-handled me, gesturing different hand signals to make me straighten my legs and put my arms out.

But I did it – I flew, and on my second attempt I was taken to the top of the cylinder and was spun round, spinning like a winged sycamore seed playfully descending to earth – but much, much faster.

This time I was relieved when it was over but had to laugh afterwards when my friend, who was busy snapping away with a camera, said: “That reminded me of my father-in-law humping a sack of potatoes!”

Not really what I wanted to hear, but, sadly, the camera (and DVD) does not lie! Crazy or what?