Glennis Hooper: Bra badge gift for PM

Glennis Hooper at 10 Downing Street with Tom Pursglove
Glennis Hooper at 10 Downing Street with Tom Pursglove

Well, it’s not every day you can say you handed your bra over to the Prime Minister is it?

I hasten to add the bra I gave to David Cameron was a silver bra badge I was wearing on my jacket.

My thanks go to Corby candidate Tom Pursglove for inviting me as his guest to meet the Prime Minister; it was quite a surreal experience where I had the pleasure of meeting many other people who, like me and our team, are doing their best to improve ‘The Big Society’.

There were many people who were there to promote their causes and hopefully to gain support from the powers that be.

My personal introduction to the Prime Minister came about when he spotted the bra badge which I was wearing and identified it, and me, as being there to represent breast cancer.

I knew I only had seconds to get my case across but I did my very best.

I was told our county and borough councillors would want to support us and would help us. Time will tell.

I will certainly be using this opportunity to pursue everyone who I feel can help us to create better facilities in the county for breast cancer support in the hope they will take us seriously and act on our requests, for what we are asking is easily ‘do-able’ and is desperately needed.

David Cameron asked if I had designed the bra badge. Yes. He obviously took a liking to it so I took the initiative and gave it to him – he said his children would love it.

Perhaps when I write to him again, to thank him for the invitation and to remind him again of our request, this gesture may stick in his memory.

The seeds have been sown, now the hard work begins.

(PS Such bra badges can be obtained from our office!)