Give up smoking and buy something special

Campaigners have urged smokers to stub out their habit
Campaigners have urged smokers to stub out their habit

Smokers in Northamptonshire have been urged to think about what they could spend their money on instead if they were to give up cigarettes.

This year’s No Smoking Day, on Wednesday, March 13, is the thirtieth since its launch in 1984, and the theme in 2013 is “Swap your Fags for Swag”.

In Northamptonshire, the local NHS Stop Smoking Team, which includes members of the public as well as healthcare professionals, supports people trying to quit. Organisers, who say giving up smoking for a year could be enough to pay for a holiday of a lifetime, have provided an online calculator at to work out what you could save.

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) will also be encouraging its employees to quit smoking by providing a free week’s supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy patches. A number of events are taking place to support staff across the county on No Smoking Day itself.

The trust’s chairman, Paul Bertin, said: “Whilst the dangers of smoking are well-known, taking a small step to stopping can lead to a real breakthrough in the current and future health of the individual and their family.

“I hope that the joint endeavours of Occupational Health and the Stop Smoking Service will be fully utilised by as many staff as possible.”