Girl finds piece of rubber in bottle of drink from Rushden store

Robyn Hills, 13, with her mum Emma and the bottle
Robyn Hills, 13, with her mum Emma and the bottle
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An investigation has been launched after a 13-year-old girl found part of a rubber glove in her drink.

Robyn Hills was taking a swig from a bottle of supermarket cola when she says she almost swallowed a rubber glove finger floating in it.

What Robyn found in the bottle

What Robyn found in the bottle

The teenager spat out the drink when she felt something odd touch her lips.

She checked the two-litre bottle, which had been bought from Rushden’s Lidl store, and saw part of a plastic surgical glove floating inside.

Robyn took the bottle of Lidl’s own 45p Freeway brand diet cola to her mum Emma, who has reported the discovery.

Robyn said: “When I saw what was in there I felt sick, it was so gross, I just saw the finger floating in there and it looked like jelly.”

Mum Emma, 35, a hotel housekeeper from Wellingborough, said: “I was horrified when Robyn told me. Plastic gloves are supposed to protect hygiene standards – not terrify customers.

“When we first looked at the bottle we were worried it was a human finger. And when we found out it was part of a glove we were still disgusted.

“I always told Robyn never to drink from the bottle. I bet she won’t do it again now.”

A spokesman for Lidl UK said: “We are proud of the strict quality control processes we have in place with our suppliers and, as such, take these matters extremely seriously.

“The customer has provided their local environmental health officer with the sample and we are currently investigating this, along with our supplier.”

However, a spokesman for East Northamptonshire Council said: “We have not received a formal complaint about this incident and so there is no investigation being carried out by East Northamptonshire Council.”