Ghostly Grey Lady sighting at empty hall

Did reader Tom Bingham capture East Carlton Hall's Lady In Grey at the window? NNL-140314-102650001
Did reader Tom Bingham capture East Carlton Hall's Lady In Grey at the window? NNL-140314-102650001

Is this the image of a ghost said to haunt an abandoned country house in Corby?

Reader Tom Bingham took the spooky picture during a visit to East Carlton Hall on March 6.

He says he believes it could be the image of the ‘Grey Lady,’ a former resident of the hall who is said to have taken her own life by jumping from a balcony.

Tom, from Corby, said: “I decided to pop over to East Carlton Park for a cream bun and coffee and take some pictures of the Peter Leadbeater chainsaw sculptures.

“As I passed by the big house, the third one built on those same foundations, I decided to knock the door and ask for permission to take a few pictures of the outside of the building, hoping I might be able to blag my way up onto the roof for some better shots.

“But the main gates were padlocked and a rusty sign said ‘private property’.

“On returning home with my cache of memory cards I let them load up on the laptop, then decided which of my masterpieces to keep and which to bin.

“When it came to the East Carlton Hall photographs I was somewhat surprised by what I saw in one of the pictures.

“I am not a believer of ghosts or aliens and was very curious at what looked like a woman staring out of the middle window.

“Curious I searched the web and came across a Lady In Grey article from a few years back in the Northants Telegraph.

“She apparently threw herself from the balcony after a tiff with her lover. But it was Thursday, March 6 at 3pm in broad daylight.

“I can only assume someone was at home looking out the window.

“Maybe it’s a picture hanging on the wall inside the room, or maybe it was condensation playing tricks on the window: after all it was raining slightly.

“When I think back, maybe the gates being padlocked wasn’t such a bad thing after all.”

The Hall was sold by Corby Council in the 1980s to a private buyer but mystery surrounds who this is, and the occupier has not been seen at the house in recent years. Some locals believe it to be a foreign businessman.

Do you know who could have been at the window? Have you seen the Grey Lady at East Carlton Hall? Please leave your comments below.