Get on your bicycle to tour historic sites

ENTRIES are open for a 210-mile bike ride which will stop at 12 historic monuments between Lincolnshire and London, including two in Northamptonshire.

Cyclists are now invited to take part in the fourth annual Queen Eleanor Cycle Ride between Harby, Lincoln, and London which takes place from Friday, August 24, to Monday, August 27.

The ride follows, the 210-mile historic route around the 12 Queen Eleanor crosses created by King Edward I to commemorate his Queen who died in 1290.

People will visit the crosses or their sites while riding through the countryside and the route will include the two county monuments in Geddington and Northampton.

The trip concludes with a visit to Queen Eleanor’s tomb in Westminster Abbey.

Food, luggage, transport and accommodation is arranged, with an overnight stop in Geddington.

Registration costs £80, or £65 if people book before July 1.

To register for the event, or for more information, visit or email

The trip will also raise funds for The Connection, a London-based charity which works with homeless people.