Get help with your re-homed rescue dog

Get help with training your re-homed dog
Get help with training your re-homed dog

Re-homing a rescue dog can be so rewarding, giving animals who have been discarded by their previous owner a second chance.

The truth of the matter is these second-chance animals could be on their third, fourth or more chance, with inherited and problematic issues passed on again and again.

These can be exacerbated by each human’s excessive emotional love, frustration and resentment.

From April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012, the number of stray dogs put to sleep across the UK stood at about 8,900.

It was reported that nearly 2,000 were due to behavioural or aggression reasons.

Canine Coaching pride themselves on being about the dog, always committing to dog-related charity work where they can.

They share the frustration of many rescue organisations on not being able to resolve the situation.

A spokesman said: “We believe we can change people’s attitudes to returning their rescue dog for re-homing.

“We want to bring a behavioural element to every new rescue dog and owner.

“Our support scheme 4 Paw Start will be piloted in partnership with Animals in Need, in Irthlingborough.

The scheme’s aim is to:


Advising new owners on the current position of them and their new dog, removing misconceptions and behavioural myths.

Giving owners current knowledge of their individual situation, we can show them from the start how to go forward.


By giving new owners the practical skills, to address their confidence issues first, walking on lead, feeding and general rules.

Then moving on to any inherited issues the dog may or may not have, and giving both parties a blank page to build a solid foundation for balanced, enriched loving life for their family, their pack.

Once a month participants are asked to attend one of four 4Paw Start sessions.

These are held on Saturdays, at Hazel Tree Kennels, Great Brington;

or two of the Life Skills classes a month on Monday nights in Roade or Friday nights in Northampton)


All participants are given a free entry into our charity pack walk to aid overall socialization.

This helps to introduce them to a vast network of like-minded people coming together to support one another and their four-legged friends.

Every new owner re-homing a rescue dog has the chance to join our growing community on Facebook:

Free access to our growing articles on dog behaviour at

Open participation in our Life Skills class, no joining or membership fee, standard £5pp charge.