Genuine words about my lovely, feisty mum

Glennis Hooper with her mum Mamie Hooper
Glennis Hooper with her mum Mamie Hooper

While out and about I am often asked” “How is your Mum?”

I will try to answer.

Born and bred in Kettering; living in Barton Seagrave and working in Wellingborough and Kettering, Mum has, over the years, got to know a lot of local people and, of course, she has always been such a rock for me in all aspects of my life, especially in the past few years.

Just over 14 months ago we had to make a difficult decision to move Mum into a nursing home in Kettering where she remains comfortable and well looked-after.

Last week, when I sat with her, catching up on all the latest chat, one of her carers stood by her bed and said, “We all love your Mum here.

“She has a wonderful personality; she is always smiling, she never asks for anything, she never moans, she has a lovely sense of humour and she is a good listener.”

These words, I knew, were genuine and from the heart. They sum Mum up completely.

I cannot imagine what it must be like for Mum to remain in bed as she does for she is also blind.

But the carer was spot on, Mum never complains. She tells us she is content, at peace and she loves us going in to see her with all our news.

I admire her so much and her will to live is admirable.

At 89 she still possesses a certain feistiness that helps her get by; feistiness that is a role model to us all and feistiness that makes her so, so loveable. Thank you, Mum. xxx