GENERAL ELECTION 2017: Kettering

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The polls have closed and the first ballot boxes are being counted.

Keep up to date with the latest on the Kettering constituency here.

Conservative Philip Hollobone is expected to retain his seat having held a 12,500 majority in 2015.

But despite the huge majority, Mr Hollobone says he’s ‘not taking anything for granted’.

He said: “We have worked really hard and we had a terrific team of volunteers out delivering two leaflets to 38,000 homes across the borough.

“It has been massive logistical effort.

“We have worked our socks off and I hope I’ve won but I’m not taking anything for granted.

“The polls do not look good but the night is young.”

Labour’s Mick Scrimshaw is his nearest rival, with Suzanna Austin representing the Lib Dems and Rob Reeves standing for the Greens.

Mr Scrimshaw says he believes that he’s taken a chunk out of the Conservative majority.

He said: “I think to do what we’ve done was always going to be a massive challenge.

“We wanted to eat into the majority and I think we’ve done that.

“A victory for me would be standing on the podium giving a speech but I have to be realistic and what we have done is shown that representing local people and their issues matters.

“It’s clear that the gamble the Prime Minister has taken when she had another three guaranteed years of office has not paid off.”

Miss Austin says she’s hoping for a third-place finish after a poor result in 2015 where they came behind the Green Party.

She said: “The campaign has been a good one and I’m hoping for a good third.

“2015 was a bit of a car crash but 20,000 people voted remain [in the EU referendum] and we’re hoping they’ll vote for us.

“People have been very nice on the doorstep and we’ve had a good reaction.”

Rob Reeves, from the Green Party, says he thinks they will slip below the Lib Dems.

He said: “I think we’ve had a good campaign but it’s been one or the other, the Conservatives or or Labour in this campaign.

“Some of the smaller parties have been ignored and our share has been squeezed but we’ve had a good reaction from people.”

UKIP chose not to field a candidate after a pact with Mr Hollobone.

The turnout this year is 69.3 per cent.