General Election 2015: What the candidates say

Candidates in the Corby and East Northants, Kettering and Wellingborough and Rushden constituencies have their say
Candidates in the Corby and East Northants, Kettering and Wellingborough and Rushden constituencies have their say

Polling day is only a week away for one of the most closely-contested general elections in decades.

Today candidates for the three constituencies in the north of the county – Corby and East Northants, Kettering and Wellingborough and Rushden – outline in their own words why you should vote for them.


Peter Harris

Liberal Democrats

Peter’s priorities for Corby and East Northamptonshire:

A strong and stable government anchored in the centre ground of British politics.

To fight the prospect of our area becoming the dumping ground for waste from all over the country.

To build the homes people want, in the right place, at the right price. We will finish the job of balancing the books. We will renew Britain’s economy. We will cut taxes for working people.

Jonathan Hornett

Green Party

I am standing to give you the chance, to vote for what you believe in.

In Corby and East Northamptonshire I am campaigning:

To stop building on green field sites and playing fields.

To prevent the construction of two incinerators in Corby.

To improve health care services locally.

To see the hunting ban extended and enforced.

Vote Green and you can help us build a society that works for the common good.

Margot Parker


I am the only candidate who lives in the constituency, and have already been fighting for the interests of residents as a UKIP MEP for the East Midlands.

Among my priorities as an MP would be fighting to protect local health services.

UKIP has pledged £3bn additional funding for the NHS, focused on front-line clinical services which will remain free at the points of need and delivery.

I have worked alongside campaigners opposing the Gretton incinerator.

Tom Pursglove

Conservative Party

I want to ensure the views of local people are heard loud and clear in Westminster.

Through meetings and conversations on doorsteps, I have identified an array of issues which have featured prominently in my campaign. Examples include free car parking, more fire cover for Corby, better broadband, protection from unwanted development, the campaign for Rushden Lakes and improvements to the Chowns Mill Roundabout and the dualling of the A45.

Andy Sawford

Labour Party

As the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire I have worked hard to protect local public services and get a fair deal for local communities.

My priorities for the next five years are to improve local health services, support economic growth and young people to find good jobs in the town, help families with the cost of living, scrap the bedroom tax and end the abusive use of zero hours contracts that are exploiting thousands of workers in Corby.

Full list of candidates:

Corby and East Northants: Andy Sawford (Labour), Tom Pursglove (Conservatives), Margot Parker (UKIP), Jonathan Hornett (Green Party), Peter Harris (Liberal Democrats).


Jonathan Bullock

After four weeks of knocking on doors, I have found overwhelming support for UKIP’s policies of controlling immigration, supporting the NHS (including free car parking at hospitals) and saying “no” to the HS2 rail project which is estimated to cost Kettering over £50m in lost economic output.

I will hold our Tory councils to account. It is wrong to spend £200,000 a year on a vanity EU office in Brussels. I believe it is also wrong for the Tories on Kettering Council to spend over £100,000, since taking office, on a rights and equalities organisation headquartered outside the borough.

I support free parking in Kettering town centre and will stand up for the villages and towns.

Derek Hilling

English Democrats

I have lived in Kettering for 27 years, and I’ve run my own small business for 20.

I’m a keen walker and cyclist. I love to enjoy our English countryside, but it is under threat from developers.

We mustn’t take our beautiful country for granted.

I believe that devolution has created a ‘dis-United Kingdom’, where England has been greatly disadvantaged. Annual subsidies to Scotland, Wales and NI currently cost the English tax-payer more than the EU.

This policy must be scrapped immediately. English people should expect the same level of state funding as the Scots.

In 2011 Census 67% of people in Northamptonshire described themselves as English-only. I’m proud of England and the freedom our English law gives us. I believe in equal rights before the law NOT special rights.

Philip Hollobone
Conservative Party

Local people want an effective MP they can trust; straight-talking, independent-minded and hard working. People are proud Kettering’s MP has the best voting record in the House of Commons and of all the 650 MPs has the very lowest expenses. I am getting results in attracting new investment into Kettering General Hospital, for widening the A14 around Kettering and for the electrification of our rail service. Over the past 10 years I have done my very best to stand up and speak out for local people in Parliament. If re-elected, campaigning for improvement to KGH, reductions in immigration, additional new local infrastructure and a referendum on our EU membership will be my key priorities.

Rhea Keehn

Labour Party

With me as your MP, I’ll stand up for a better Kettering, Desborough, Rothwell and surrounding area. My priorities will be making sure Kettering General Hospital gets the resources it needs to have the time to care for patients. That we invest sufficient money into our mental health services. That we get our fair share of regeneration money to make sure our town centres thrive.

Taking action to help working people will be Labour’s priority in government. This means capping energy bills, increasing the minimum wage and reducing small business rates. It also means cracking down on illegal immigration by increasing border control staff. Most of all, we can have a government that works for all of us not just the few.

Chris McGlynn

Liberal Democrats

I have lived in Kettering since 1987 I am married with four children and seven grandchildren.

My top priorities for this election are:

My first priority in this election is the Lib Dem commitment to spend an extra £3bn on mental health treatment and research, something that is very dear to my heart having lost a brother in 1998 while waiting for treatment, and I know from bitter experience how vital it is that mental health should be treated the same as physical health.

Lib Dems want to see the income tax threshold raised to £12,500, building on the tax cuts already delivered and taking everyone on minimum wage out of income tax.

I will oppose any expansion of HS2, believing that money would be better spent invested in reducing the cost of train travel and reopening smaller stations such as Desborough.

Finally, I oppose the upgrade of Trident, preferring to replace them with an alternative such as cruise missiles that is more cost effective, giving NATO a different type of ‘under the radar capability’ that will stretch our adversaries’ capabilities and strengthen our defence.

Rob Reeves

Green Party

I was born in Kettering and have lived here for more than 30 years. I have worked in local schools and colleges and I am now a self-employed tutor.

I believe we can make positive change by improving our immediate surroundings. That’s why I want to see more youth, community and music projects in the town, more thriving town centres and cleaner, greener public areas. This is why I’m supporting Kettering Town FC and which is why I am encouraging people to oppose the recent PSPO proposal which could effectively ban skateboarding in Kettering town centre.

The Green Party offers a positive alternative to the politics of the past and I believe in an inclusive community where all voices are heard.

Full list of candidates:

Kettering: Philip Hollobone (Conservatives), Rhea Keehn (Labour), Jonathan Bullock (UKIP), Chris McGlynn (Liberal Democrats), Rob Reeves (Green Party), Derek Hilling (English Democrats).


Peter Bone

Conservative Party

I will always be the voice of my constituents in Wellingborough and Rushden. I have always sought to put my constituency before my party – it is why my rebellion record is so high. I will always put local people first, be it on the EU, on the redefinition of marriage, or on protecting our towns and villages from unwanted development. In my time as MP, Wellingborough and Rushden have seen some real investment, with progress on the Rushden Lakes development at Skew Bridge, and improvements to the A45 and Chowns Mill Roundabout now underway, which will do so much to enhance our towns and infrastructure. If you re-elect me, I will continue campaigning for Wellingborough and Rushden and make sure your voices heard.

Richard Garvie

Labour Party

Richard Garvie was born at Kettering General Hospital and was raised in the county by his grandparents.

Richard has worked as a senior manager with Morrisons before taking on senior roles with Asda and Tesco.

Richard has also worked as a radioand sports TV presenter.

As the Labour candidate, Richard has secured better public transport in Wellingborough while securing a new Sunday bus service between Higham and Northampton, fought off the closure of Women’s Refuges and campaigned to save Glamis Hall.

Richard has recently defeated proposals to demolish Nene Park and is a huge supporter of Wellingborough market.

His big priorities are to secure investment, infrastructure and jobs for his constutuency.

Jonathan Munday


After nearly 30 years as an NHS GP, I am standing for UKIP because only UKIP has the costed policies to invest in extra GPs, nurses and midwives for the local NHS and overcome the pressure on GP appointments and hospital waits. We will ensure new migrants cannot access social housing, benefits or the NHS for five years to ease the huge demands on these vital local services. We will give priority to local residents in social housing. We will increase local spending on the police, NHS and local government services by ending the formula which gives Scots an extra £2,000 per head for public services, over what we are given in Northamptonshire. We will use this extra money to restore and maintain the town centre and encourage new good jobs.

Chris Nelson

Liberal Democrats

I am Northamptonshire born and bred, brought up in Kettering, and have a deep affection for our county and if elected I will be a passionate voice for our area.

I am currently a trainee science teacher, having previously worked in a Northants school, and am committed to the transformational value of education: having a well-funded education system is my top priority.

I’m pleased that Lib Dems are proposing to protect 0-19 education funding, including funds for FE colleges and sixth form, and to continue the highly effective pupil premium.

Being committed to reform, I also defied my party to publicly oppose tuition fee rises in 2010.

More broadly, Lib Dems have a balanced plan for a stronger economy and a fairer society, cutting less than the Conservatives and borrowing less than Labour.

We propose bringing austerity to an end by 2018 before investing in health and infrastructure. We want to prioritise mental health services, treating it with equal seriousness to physical health, as part of an extra £8bn for the NHS.

I also firmly believe in protecting jobs by keeping Britain in the European Union and safeguarding personal freedoms by protecting gay marriage and upholding the Human Rights Act.

Marion Turner-Hawes

Green Party

I was brought up in Kettering and live and work in Wellingborough. I am a director of a co-operative that helps disabled people find housing and start up in business. I have worked in the public or community sectors for nearly 30 years, supporting vulnerable people to have better lives.

I will work to:

End austerity and create sustainable local jobs such as in renewable energy;

Create an A&E centre in Wellingborough, similar to Corby’s;

Save our services and help young, older and disabled people feel heard;

Improve accessibility in our workplaces and communities;

Help local people to play a greater role in local decision-making and work to bring people and business together.

Full list of candidates:

Wellingborough: Peter Bone (Conservatives), Richard Garvie (Labour), Jonathan Munday (UKIP), Chris Nelson (Liberal Democrats), Marion Turner-Hawes (Green Party).