GCSEs: Kimbolton School

Kimbolton School
Kimbolton School

A pupil from Raunds is one of the highest achievers at a school just over the county border.

Joe Lee, 16, has added his GCSE results to the A* in A-Level mathematics that he completed this year at Kimbolton School.

He took his IGCSE mathematics at the end of his first form (Year 7) and received an A*.

Since then, he has followed an individual pathway in maths, completing a number of courses on his way to the further maths A-Level that he will study during his sixth form in addition to A-Levels in physics, politics and


Headmaster Jonathan Belbin said: “Joe is not only a gifted mathematician but also a superb all-round student, in class, on the stage and in the debating chamber.

“We have encouraged him in myriad areas rather than narrow his focus too early.”

With almost 28 per cent of all grades awarded at A*(or 9/8) and over 57% at A* or A (or 9 to 7), Kimbolton School pupils overall have achieved excellent GCSE and IGCSE results.

Twenty-nine pupils, or 31 per cent of the year group, received at least 9A*/A (or 9 to 7) grades.

All pupils achieved five or more passes at A* to C (9 to 4) grade (including maths and English), the standard measure of GCSE attainment.

Included in these results are those for international GCSEs in French, history, mathematics, physics and Spanish.

Results for two subjects, English language and English literature, were scored under the new 9 to 1 grading system, where a 7 is anchored at an A, a 4 at a low C and a 1 at a G.

Hattie Dent from Stanwick achieved 10 A* (or 9/8) grades.

Other notable achievers, all with at least 9 A*/A (or 9 to 7) grades and at least 6 at A* (or 9/8), were Sadira Pyne-Bailey (Wellingborough) and Anushka Shukla (Barton Seagrave).

The vast majority of the year group will be continuing in Kimbolton School’s Sixth Form next month where they will be joined by about 20 students from other schools.

Mr Belbin said: “We are very pleased with this strong set of results which again demonstrates the ‘added value’ that we provide.

“Our pupils represent a relatively broad ability range and their dedication to hard work, alongside the support of their teachers, has shone throughout.”