GCSEs: Huxlow Science College, Irthlingborough

Headteacher Steve Gordon with some of the top students Jaimee and Lauren Panter, Ellie Sim, Tsang Ho Yen and Sinead O'Callaghan
Headteacher Steve Gordon with some of the top students Jaimee and Lauren Panter, Ellie Sim, Tsang Ho Yen and Sinead O'Callaghan

It’s double celebrations all round at Huxlow Science College today (Thursday) as the school has posted the best set of GCSE results in its history.

This is hot on the heels of its A-Level results last week.

Twins Lauren and Jaimee Panter

Twins Lauren and Jaimee Panter

An impressive 64 per cent of students gained the equivalent of 5A* to C grades, including English and maths, which is well above the national average.

The achievement is made even more impressive as this year’s students are the first to be graded under the new numerical system, which has been introduced to assess the English and maths subjects.

Grades 7-9 have replaced the former A and A* grades.

Headteacher Steve Gordon said: “We are extremely proud of our Year 11 students and thrilled with their achievements.

“They have shown huge dedication to their studies and have earned the fruits of their labour.

“We particularly have to recognise the staff in the English and maths departments who have dealt spectacularly well with the requirements on their subjects introduced by the new grading system.

“Students have been given extensive help with their revision techniques and staff have put on lots of revision sessions.”

He added: “Here at Huxlow we are extremely focused on developing the whole child and as well as celebrating these academic achievements we are confident that all of our Year 11s are prepared to go on and do well in the adult world.”

The highest achieving student was Alfie Aldridge who gained 11 GCSEs with a 9 in English Literature and *s in English language and maths.

Twins Jaimee and Lauren Panter are also celebrating after both gaining a number of top marks.

They will now stay on to study at sixth form.

Lauren said: “We are thrilled with our results and put in a huge amount of work.

“We revised together which really helped as we were able to test each other.”

Tsang Ho Yen also gained more than 9 top marks with A8 grades in biology, physics and French.

The Irthlingborough school has done particularly well in maths, French and the science subjects.

84 per cent of biology students gained a C grade or higher, 82 per cent of chemistry students earned a C grade or above and 74 per cent of physics students gained C or above.

Under the new grading system 73 per cent of maths students gained Level 4 (C grade equivalent) or above.

Of particular note, three students gained the top grade 9 in English.

87 per cent of students gained grade C or above in French.

It has been a fantastic outcome of a busy year at the school last week (August 17).

A large number of students have gone on to study science-related exams at university and top-performing student Zach Tiernan won a place at Trinity College in Cambridge.

A high percentage of GCSE students are expected to stay on at the school and join the successful sixth form, which this August posted its best ever A-Level results.

In September students will be able to study in the newly designated sixth form centre.

The school has a few places available in Year 7 for this September.

Students who join will be eligible for one of the new blazers, which this year are being funded by the school.

For application details contact the school on 01933 650496.