GCSE RESULTS: Corby Business Academy

Karla Downs collecting her GCSE results at Corby Business Academy
Karla Downs collecting her GCSE results at Corby Business Academy
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Corby Business Academy is celebrating yet another set of positive GCSE results.

Today’s results have revealed pass rates of 90 per cent plus in a wide variety of subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sport, Textiles, Cambridge National Science and IGCSE English Language.

Corby Business Academy

Corby Business Academy

The results have also shown that the academy’s value added figures have risen which means its students have made significant progress between the Key Stage 2 results they arrived at secondary school with in Year 7 and the GCSE results they have received today in Year 11.

Executive principal John Henrys said: “We are very pleased with the progress our students have made since their arrival here in Year 7.

“We have had fantastic results in a variety of subjects, including Business, Dance, Science, Textiles and Travel and Tourism.

“We have also had a substantial number of students achieving the top grades of A* and A in their subjects.

“These results will allow a significant number of our students to go on to access A-Level studies at the academy and we look forward to working with them in the sixth form.”

Nayan Kumar received four A*s in History, Biology, Physics and Citizenship, four As in ICT, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and English, three Bs in Statistics, Business and French and a C in Art and Design.

He said: “I’m happy with my results and in particular with my grade for Mathematics.

“I will study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics next year.”

Karla Downs received an A* in Physics, As in nine subjects, including Business, and a B in French.

She said: “I worked really hard for my exams so I’m thrilled with these results.

“I’m particularly proud of my A* in Physics.

“I want to study Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics and Biology next year.”

Abby Reilly received As in nine subjects, including Business, Physics and History, a B and a C.

She said: “I’m shocked and excited. I’m particularly happy about my A in Physics.

“I want to study English Literature, Philosophy, Biology and History next year.”

Samantha Loveday earned an A* in Geography as well as seven As, a B and a C.

She said: “I’m very pleased with my results.

“I’m particularly happy with my Geography result because it was better than I expected.”

Emma Potter received six As and five Bs.

She said: “I didn’t expect to do as well as this and I’m really happy.

“I intend to study Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Psychology next year.”