Funeral date for Poppies president Sid Chapman

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The funeral of president of Kettering Town FC Sid Chapman will take place on Wednesday.

Mr Chapman had been suffering from a long illness and died last Monday.

As well as being the club president, Mr Chapman was also the groundsman at Rockingham Road for a number of years.

A club statement said: “Sid was a lifelong Poppies fan, one of the trustees or the original Poppies Pledge and groundsman for many years at Rockingham Road.

“Despite his illness he was kept in touch with the Poppies through his good friends.

“Sid even made a substantial donation to the club last September to help keep us in business. We send our condolences to his family at this sad time.

Sid Chapman is a Poppies hero and legend never to be forgotten.”

Former Poppies goalkeeper Kevin Shoemake said: “He was a Kettering stalwart through and through who would do anything for anyone at the club and it was quite right he had a stand named after him.

“It was a real pleasure to have known him and worked with him.

“It is a very sad loss for the football club locally and for football in general.”

Ken Samuel, KTFC director, has also paid tribute to Mr Chapman, describing him as the club’s ‘elder statesman.’

He said: “Sid was president of the football club and our ‘elder statesman’.

“His illness prevented Sid from attending games for his last few years, but his many friends and Poppies supporters would keep him up to date with the latest news, which he always craved.

“In fact when I last saw him he knew more about the club than I did.

“Sid was a lifelong Poppies fan and with his late wife, Doris, would support the club home and away.

“He came to the fore when we had a financial issue some 25 or so years ago- when he became one of the trustees of the Poppies Pledge.

“On his retirement from his job he would spend a lot of his waking hours doing unpaid work for the club during the week and on matchdays behind the scenes in the dressing rooms and boardroom.

“He was volunteer groundsman at Rockingham Road for many years, and supported the late chairman, Peter Mallinger, in particular.

“He was outspoken at times – for the right reasons – many felt the sharpness of his tongue, but a smile or wink usually followed.

“He was always one to start rumours doing the rounds and it always kept interest alive in the club.

“Sid really was a legend.

“Always there and always willing to support the club and encourage the fans, players and directors.

“Even when he was extremely ill last September, when the club was fighting it’s winding up order, Sid called me to his house and donated a four figure sum which helped save the club.

“He will be remembered for many years for his selfless efforts, and in some way the club is going to have a permanent reminder of him.”

Mr Chapman’s funeral will be held at Kettering Crematorium on Wednesday at 2.15pm.