Funds boost for county’s NHS groups

The body in charge of healthcare in Corby has been handed one of the biggest funding increases in England.

Corby’s clinical commissioning group (CCG) has been given a boost of 7.6 per cent in its cash allocated for 2015-16. This is the fourth highest in the country.

But the town’s MP says it still falls a long way short of what the area needs.

Nene CCG, which takes care of health services across the rest of Northamptonshire, will receive an increase of 6.8 per cent. The average increase in NHS England funding for CCGs is 3.7 per cent.

It means Corby will receive £84m in 2015-16, with Nene being given £709m, with the extra money helping to bring the county more in line with the level its funding should be at.

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone pointed out all the rates of increase were well above the rate of inflation, and said the large increase locally was partly thanks to the pressure applied by local MPs.

But Corby’s Andy Sawford, who in October told Parliament the National Audit Office had identified the town as having the biggest gap between required and actual funding, insisted Corby still needed extra cash.

Reacting to the announcement, Mr Sawford said: “It is incredibly disappointing to see that Corby is still being treated unfairly, receiving 10 per cent less funding than NHS England say the area needs.

“While it is good that the Government have been embarrassed into allocating some additional funds, I won’t stop campaigning until my constituency gets a fair share of resources.

“These latest figures show that places like Chelsea are getting hundreds of pounds per person a year more than Corby despite having lower health needs and that cannot be right.”

Meanwhile, Mr Hollobone said: “Northants Telegraph readers will be really pleased to see this massive injection of new funding into our local NHS.

“I’m delighted that the area is to receive one of the biggest increases in extra money of anywhere in the country, which will help to fund the record number of local people receiving treatment from local GPs and Kettering General Hospital.”

Last month Mr Hollobone asked health minister Dan Poulter for extra cash for Northamptonshire’s CCGs.

In response, Dr Poulter promised higher-than-real-terms growth in funding allocations this year and next for both Corby and Nene healthcare areas.