Fun and information at inspiring event

Brenda Easton and Liz Carr
Brenda Easton and Liz Carr

Residents had their chance to say what they want at a community fun and information day.

The event was held at the Stephenson Way community centre this afternoon (Wednesday, August 21) and was organised by Brenda Easton and Liz Carr.

Brenda said: “We’ve recently set up Inspiring Neighbours, which is a social enterprise, and we’re asking local communities what they want, what changes they would like, what they would like to see happen and working with them to try and make the changes.”

The event was funded by Cllr Bob Scott out of his Northamptonshire County Council Empowerment Fund and included craft and wellness workshops run by Sarah King and Louise Boyce with help from the county council.

Brenda added: “Cllr Scott wanted to find out what people in his constituency, young and old, would like and then we’ll help them with a funding bid. There are no guarantees but we want to be approachable and will report back our progress at a local level.”

The event included a ‘Wonderwall’ where people’s suggestions and comments were depicted by cartoon characters and words.

Representatives from the Bodyshop, Groundworks, Age UK and Corby Sports Dimensions also attended.