Fudge doing well after attack by another dog

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Rose Dent was left horrified when her pet Fudge was left with a bleeding leg after it was attacked by another dog while they were out for a walk.

Mrs Dent, of Raunds, was walking 14-year-old collie cross springer Fudge near the stream off London Road in Raunds on Wednesday evening when Fudge was approached and attacked by another dog which was off the lead.

She said: “We were just walking, we came through some woods and veered off to go home.

“We were with a couple of friends and spotted a dog some distance away that was loose, so I called our dog to me.

“As soon as the other dog saw our one he just came straight over and virtually attacked him, locked his jaws around his neck and then his leg.

“The owner called him but he didn’t respond. My husband had to get hold of the dog’s collar and tear him off my dog.

“When the dog went back to him, he didn’t come over, so my husband said to him ‘you better give us your name and address because your dog has attacked our dog unprovoked and has badly injured him’ and he just walked off in the opposite direction.

“We had to get the dog home because he was badly bleeding so we couldn’t challenge the bloke because it was more important to get Fudge treated.”

Mrs Dent and her husband Les took Fudge home, where they tied a hankie around his leg to stop the bleeding and treated the wound with antiseptic.

Mrs Dent took Fudge to the vet’s the next morning and he was given two injections.

She said: “He spent an hour just licking his leg. I was up with him most of the night that night because obviously he was in pain.

“I rang the vets in the morning and was down there for 9am,

“I really thought they were going to put him to sleep. They had a good look at him, examined his wound and gave him two shots.

“He is fine now. He is a lot more wary when he goes out, especially when he sees a bigger dog.”

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said: “I can confirm we have received a report of this incident.

“If anyone has any information or witnessed it we would ask them to contact us.”