Fruit and veg stall set up outside KGH

Stall owner Penny NNL-171005-095728005
Stall owner Penny NNL-171005-095728005

A fruit and veg stall has been set up outside KGH as part of its plan to promote healthy eating.

The innovative move has been welcomed by local people who have been flocking to the stand, run by experienced greengrocer Penny Benedict.

Sue Newing (left) and stall owner Penny NNL-171005-095741005

Sue Newing (left) and stall owner Penny NNL-171005-095741005

Mrs Benedict, who has two other shops in Leicestershire, said: “I approached the hospital to do some selling on site at same time as the hospital was looking for someone to do this - so the timing was perfect for both of us.

“So far it has gone really, really, well and I have practically sold out every day.

“It has been great to see patients, staff and visitors all dropping in and buying fruit and vegetables.

“Some people take in things for patients on the wards and I know some people have bought thank you gifts for staff they are grateful to.”

The stall, which opened last Thursday (May 4) is open from 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.

The produce is very fresh – and competitively priced - because it is bought the same day at Leicester wholesale market.

KGH deputy director of human resources, Sue Newing, said: “Selling fresh fruit and vegetables on site was an idea developed through our staff Health and Wellbeing Group, which is made up of staff drawn from across the trust.

“It fits in well with our Health and Wellbeing Plan and our aim to become a Health and Wellbeing Campus in the future.

“We strongly believe that hospitals should be promoting good health and encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles choices.

“We felt that having an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables easily available on site would very much help with this.

“So far the reaction we have had from patients, visitors and staff has been very positive indeed and we are delighted things are going so well.”

The idea has had a positive reaction from visitors, staff and patients.

Sandra Walton, from Kettering, who was visiting her daughter Samantha, said: “I think this is a fabulous idea.

“It gives you a lot more choices of healthy things to eat rather than just things like sandwiches.

“It really does promote healthy eating and encourages you to get something you might not otherwise think of buying.”

Karen Patterson, from Rushden, said: “It’s lovely, a really nice idea.

“It encourages you to buy some fruit and vegetables as part of your five a day.

“I was really impressed.”

Alison Chaplin, from Market Harborough, who is a volunteer chaplain at the hospital, said: “I think this is brilliant.

“It will really encourage people to think about eating healthily.

“It’s great for me because I can get my fresh fruit and vegetables while I am here doing my volunteering.”