Friends strip off for charity calendar

A Geddington woman who pledged to love her body after learning of the untimely death of a friend from cancer is aiming to raise £30,000 through the sales of a unique calendar.

Rebecca Askew, 47, said the idea came to her when she had caught a glimpse of herself in a full-length mirror and hated what she saw.

Love your Body calendar

Love your Body calendar

She added: “Not 30 minutes later I had a call to tell me one of my friends had died of cancer. She was the fourth in three years.

“I was so cross with myself for feeling such self pity when I had a working body.”

Rebecca said she took to Facebook, pledging to love her body when there were those who could no longer do that and said she received an overwhelming response to her message.

She added: “I sent a message back, saying that there was something we should do.”

The calendar has 12 images of the body parts of Rebecca and the other 11 volunteers, decorated to make them look beautiful.

The volunteers were painted by Kettering artist Lesley Arnold during a two-day session at Askew’s Hairdressing in Kettering, which Rebecca owns.

Rebecca added: “There are three different strands to what we did.

“First, to raise money through selling the calendar.

“Second, to help us feel better about our bodies, and third, to inspire other women to accept their bodies as well.”

Where to buy the charity calendar

A group behind the calendar will be selling copies at Kettering’s Newlands Centre this Saturday, October 18, from 10am to 4pm.

Copies are also on sale at Askew’s Hairdressing, in Dalkeith Place, and Good Friends Bistro in Grafton Underwood and Peter Crisp in Rushden.