Friends show their support for Matthew

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Friends of 22-year-old Matthew Pinnock, who has an inoperable brain tumour, shaved their heads to show their support for him.

Matthew, of Higham Ferrers, has been a patient at the Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton.

Several of Matthew’s friends – who call themselves Team Butters in reference to his nickname, Butters – visited the hospice on Sunday, May 27, to see him and they ended up embarking on the impromptu headshave to show their support for their friend.

The group included friends from Higham Ferrers and friends he made at Loughborough University.

Matthew’s friend Daniel Turiccki, of Higham Ferrers, said: “We were sat outside soaking up the sun and Matt started talking about head shaving and that he wanted us to go through with it.

“When he first got diagnosed in January we said that we would shave our hair if he lost his, through having his treatment, but we never really thought it would happen.

“We tried to deflect the subject but Matthew was having none of it.”

Matthew’s mum Carolyn went and got an electric shaver and the entire group, including Matthew’s dad Richard, took the plunge. Daniel said the next morning a friend of the group, Colin Powell, who lives in Australia, had uploaded a picture onto social networking website Facebook which showed he had also shaved his hair.

A few more friends who weren’t at the hospice on the day also followed suit by shaving their heads afterwards.

Daniel said: “Everything that Matthew has done is astounding and anything we can do to make him feel better, we will do. If he’s happy, we’re happy.”

The friends previously launched a Twitter campaign in support of Matthew using the hashtags #Butters and #TeamButters, as well as a clothing collection bearing the name.

The group has also been raising money in his name. The group’s first event was the Wiseman Welly Walk in March, which they took part in to raise cash for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

A charity rugby match was held at Rushden and Higham Rugby Club in April, and members of Team Butters also took part in the Tough Mudder event at Boughton House last month.

The latter two events raised cash for Brainstrust, a charity which supports people living with a brain tumour and has supported the Pinnock family.