Fresh bid to revitalise market

Wellingborough market place
Wellingborough market place

Councillors have voted to re-establish a group which will take a fresh look at Wellingborough’s market and street trading.

A working group of councillors was set up previously to look at the matter but has not met for more than two years.

Wellingborough Council’s development committee has now agreed to re-establish the group.

Council papers on the matter say: “If the council wishes to have the market as a flourishing economic entity then it is vital to establish how the decline can be stabilised or indeed if it can be reversed.”

The papers said the issue was being discussed because of “a number of factors and staffing changes over recent years” which were “prompting a review of current arrangements”.

Discussing the plans, cllr Robert Hawkes said Wellingborough councillors should visit Market Harborough market as part of their work. He said: “It’s a pleasure to go to that market. It provides entertainment and a variety of specialist stalls which are really what I think we have got to be looking for.”

Cllr Tim Maguire said he welcomed re-opening discussion with the market traders in Wellingborough. He said: “We had some frank discussions with the traders but we had some good ones.”

Council leader Paul Bell said: “As far as I’m concerned the market is here to stay but we need to use the empty days. I miss the farmers’ market, we need to get that back on another day. I like the Tuesday market. Maybe we could have charities on the empty days.”

He said the market had lost £29,000 in the past financial year.

Councillors will now be chosen to be part of the market working group. The group will then meet to develop proposals to enhance and promote the market and its offering.