Four puppies saved by rescue groups in Northamptonshire

One of the rescued dogs
One of the rescued dogs

Animal rescue groups had to team up to save four puppies from being put down after being found malnourished and emaciated.

The four staffie cross dogs, believed to be about nine-months-old, had been taken to the pound but were at risk of being put down if no-one came forward within seven days.

One of the rescued dogs

One of the rescued dogs

When Frances McGrath who is based in Wellingborough was told about their plight, she started working with other animal rescue groups including Animals In Need, Wellidogs and Almost Home Crusaders to give the dogs a chance.

Frances said: “I am well known for taking on dogs that have been starved and emaciated and one of my contacts got in touch to say they needed to be out by Monday.

“I knew I could help one of them, but I wasn’t in a position to take all four of the dogs because of the number of dogs that I already have.”

She said it was great to see four rescue groups pulling together, and £300 has already been raised through donations to help the puppies.

One of the rescued dogs

One of the rescued dogs

One of the dogs is in such a bad condition that he has had to have an operation and is being fed through a pipe as his digestive tract has closed.

The vet’s bill for just this dog has already reached £372 and Frances said none of the dogs have any muscle on them due to malnourishment.

She thinks they are from the same litter but perhaps didn’t sell so these four were left to fend for themselves, possibly since birth.

They will be given the necessary medical treatment before the rescue groups assess the animals on finding suitable homes for them and giving them any training they need before they can be put up for re-homing.

Frances added: “They will stay in rescue for as long as it takes.”

Even after taking in rescue dogs for many years, she admitted that it never gets any easier.

Frances said: “It always hurts when you see a dog in that state, it’s heart-breaking.

“People don’t understand that owning a dog or any animal is not a right, it’s a privilege.”

They believe the dogs have come from an unwanted litter so are urging all dog owners to consider having their dogs neutered to prevent something like this happening again.

Annie Marriott from Animals In Need, based in Little Irchester, said: “They are in bad shape even though they are only nine-months-old.

“We all stepped up to give these pups a secure safe future.”

Anyone who would like to follow the progress of the dogs as they recover can search for Animals In Need, Wellidogs, Almost Home Crusaders or Frances Adores Bullbreeds (F.A.B) on Facebook.

Donations to help the dogs can be made via the animal rescue groups.

Other ways of helping include Pets At Home vouchers, dog food, good quality dog toys and bedding (but not duvets and pillows).