Four people caught dumping items at Oundle recycling site

EAST Northamptonshire Council is reminding residents to dispose of their recycling properly at the Oundle recycling banks after four people were caught dumping items there.

People who dump items risk a fine of up to £5,000 for flytipping.

The council says people have been dumping their recycling at the Oundle site rather than putting their items into the banks ready for collection.

Surveillance of the site led to 4 residents being caught dumping green waste and household items, including a microwave, by the banks when it clearly states items must be placed in the banks.

Waste management officer, Kevin Skerry, said: “We monitored the situation in Oundle with the help of the Northants County Flytipping Enforcement Officer and caught four people being a bit lazy and just dumping it. Three of them have received a £75 fine and one received a Warning Notice.

“It’s remarkable that some people make the effort to get to the recycling banks, but then once there, don’t actually use the banks - preferring just to dump their items on the ground for someone else to sort out. We’re not asking people to go an extra mile, just another metre or two - and then to place their items into the recycling banks correctly.”