Foul-mouthed family from Corby ordered to keep it buttoned by court

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A trouble-making family who caused misery for their neighbours on Corby’s Lincoln and Kingswood estates have been told by the court to stop their loutish behaviour.

Northamptonshire Police applied for the civil injunction against Hazel Alexander, 50 and Andrew Burgess, 38 both of Culross Walk, Corby and 24-year-old David Alexander, of Sturton Walk, Corby.

People living nearby had filed complaints about motorcycle nuisance, swearing and anti-social behaviour.

So officers went to Northampton Magistrates’ Court last week to apply for a civil injunction to try to stop the bad behaviour.

Sector Inspector,Julie Mead, said: “We always try and resolve any issues locally to help improve the situation, however if behaviours persist we take it very seriously and will look to pursue legal action as a last resort in order to improve the condition for local residents.”

A civil injunction is a court order that requires a person to stop doing a specific action.

The following conditions apply to the order with Hazel Alexander and Andrew Burgess forbidden from:

1. Storing or possessing or permitting others who live at or are visiting their home to store, possess or use motorbikes, trike, quad bike, or other motorised bikes.

2. Using or permitting others who reside or are visiting their home to use foul language that is audible outside their house or using abusive, threatening, insulting or intimidating words or behaviour directed at people outside their household.

3. Using or permitting others who live or are visiting their house in Culross Walk to behave in an anti-social manner.

David Alexander is also forbidden from the same above conditions in respect of Hazel Alexander’s normal place of residence at Culross Walk.

Anyone who knows of a breach of these conditions can call police on 101.