Foul fatberg discovered in Corby sewer

Water officials encountered an enormous fatberg when they investigated a blocked drain in Corby.

Anglian Water has released a video of the foul blockage in a bid to raise awareness about what people are putting down the drains.

This fatberg was discovered in a Corby sewer

This fatberg was discovered in a Corby sewer

A spokesman said: "Our Keep it Clear campaign aims to raise awareness about the impact of wrongly flushing wet wipes, cotton buds and sanitary items has on our sewer networks and the wider environment.

“We clear 40,000 blockages across our network every single year – that equates to one blockage roughly every five minutes.

"Of these blockages, 80 per cent are completely avoidable but cost us a whopping £19m a year to keep our sewers free of them.

"This money could ultimately be better spent elsewhere.

"Not only that but blockages can lead to sewer flooding in peoples homes and pollution in the wider environment.

"This is why people should only flush the three P’s down their toilet – Pee, Poo and (Toilet) Paper.”

More information about what should and shouldn't be put down drains and sinks can be found here.