Former Kettering factory worker hoping to track down former colleagues for reunion

The former Scan Belts factory site. LGJ9-uzow_FcjFqKj1cz
The former Scan Belts factory site. LGJ9-uzow_FcjFqKj1cz

A former Kettering belt factory worker is hoping to track down her former colleagues after setting up a reunion to look back on the fun they had.

Kathy Law worked at Scan Belts Ltd in Green Lane, owned by Stephen Keyes, for six years until just before it closed in the mid-1980s.

She says it was the “happiest working environment she’s ever known – and is now asking former workers to get in touch.

The Nationwide bank worker said: “Everyone’s memories from working there are so good.

“We were all young and aged between 16 and 24 and we made some great friendships.

“It was a nice small company and even though we had to work hard, we were allowed to laugh.

“We all went out for drinks together and looking back on it it was the happiest working environment I’ve had.”

Kathy set up a Facebook group with two friends and has already had an encouraging response, but is hoping to attract more people to the event.

She added: “We talked about doing a reunion for a while and eventually we thought we should just go for it.

“We’ve got 45 people who have said they’re coming on Facebook and another 10 who we’ve bumped into.

“I’ve spent hours searching for people but when they change their name after marriage it gets difficult!”

The reunion is being held at the Wayfarers Inn in Kettering from 7pm onwards on Saturday, February 27.

To get in touch with Kathy, visit the Facebook group by clicking here or email